We had yet another unprecedented success in 2023. We were blessed with 1300 participants and raised over $14,000. We awarded 400+ cash prizes. There were an average of 657 participations every day throughout Ramadan. We expect the number of participants to triple in 2024 inshaAllah.



We had an unprecedented success in 2022. We were blessed with 1012 participants and raised $8300. We awarded 284 cash prizes.


In the 2021 edition we had a record 306 participants many of these did not miss a single day of the 30-Day Challenge. We raised $3500  and rewarded over 100 participants. We expected the number  of participants to reach 500+ in 2022.


2020 Winners:

In 2020 we had 112 participants, half of which were from BC, Canada. It was a good idea to bring this Competition back due to the Pandemic. We have raised $1350 that year and rewarded 44 participants.


2014 Winners:

This was the first edition and was held back in 2014 with a total of 70 participants mainly from Victoria BC, Canada. We raised $830 that year. The winner that year did not miss a single day, so being consistent definitely helps 🙂

1st Meriem T. (No prize money awarded)
2nd Muneer U. $200
3rd Hanif M. $150
4th Sajjad R. $100
Yahya A. & Yara A. $100 (For both)
Ahmad A. $80
Noor C., Shehla C. & Hanan A. $40 each
Salma A., Murtaza S., Muskaan A. & Esraa M. $20 each


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