Majda R. (Age: 16 – Victoria BC)

Before Ramadan, I made dua that Allah increases me in knowledge throughout this blessed month, and that I may leave this month applying the knowledge he has taught me in my life. Through this competition, Allah has answered a big part of that dua. I have learned so much about the beauty of the Quran and the magnificence of Allah’s words. My love for the Quran only grows stronger and shines brighter after every video from the Quran gems series, and the quizzes after the videos allow me to see how much I have learned within such a short time. This is my 3rd year enrolled in this competition, and I have seen that with every passing year the competition just gets better and better and the effort put in is so evident. Big thank you to everyone who has put in their time to make this possible. Your not only making a competition for people to learn from and have fun, but you are growing the love, interest, and bond with the Quran in all hearts that take part. May Allah accept all your efforts and reward you immensely, Ameen. Looking forward to next year’s competition Insha’Allah! – April 2022 (Voted #1)