Amira M. (Age: 16 – Victoria BC)

I enjoyed doing the competition each day and every day; I was amazed at how much I learned over the span of 3- 7 minutes. I would really like to thank you for this fantastic opportunity. It really brought me closer to my siblings and made us connect while learning about the beautiful gems of the Quran. These competitions brought excitement and engagement for the whole month within my household. I realized that the Quran was more than what we read during salat; it was a gem sent from our Rabb to guide us and show us our amazing deen’s true beauty and magnificence. I found myself excited, looking forward to watching the videos each day and sharing this incredible knowledge and wisdom I learned with my family. I was genuinely amazed and how much I had learned so far this Ramadan, and it made me ponder more over the words I recite each day. – April 2022