Said S. (Age: 44 – Rimouski QB)

Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful project a reality, year in and year out. Sadly, we too often see political ideologies and content expressing opinions on current events seep into the content presented on the platforms of other Islamic influencers. While all content can find its appropriate niche on the Internet, the content that is provided in the 30-day Ramadan Challenge (for both youth and adults) is wonderfully Quran-focused and exceptionally on point for participants from all backgrounds. As a first-generation Canadian Muslim parent living in a multi-cultural, non-Muslim community, I can attest that the 30-day Ramadan Challenge is a wonderful Islamic supplemental educational tool that parents can comfortably enjoy with the entire family. It is so refreshing to be able to access and enjoy Islamic educational content without needing to “pre-screen” or pause the video during the viewing to provide children with “contextual explanations”. – April 2023