Murtaza S. (Age: 14)

I would suggest to record all the talks during Taraweeh so that people who missed them have a chance to listen to them and they can forward to all family and friends so that everyone can gain some knowledge. And keep continuing to do quizzes and talks in the Masjid during Taraweeh. – July 2014

Ahmad A. (Age: 9)

Please make the questions easier, thank you in advance. – July 2014

Nawal H.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the efforts that you did this year in Ramadan. It was amazing! I was hesitant and worried to come to taraweeh prayer with my kids. I am pleased to tell you that my kids were very excited and preparing for the taraweeh everyday. I was threatening my kids to punish them by not taking them to taraweeh prayer if they are not behaving at home and they will start crying and soliciting to go…. – July 2014 (Voted #1)

Batool S.

I live in Toronto and I have never heard of any Masjid-made quizzes. Thank you for your innovation! – July 2014

Mustafa A.

I think this Ramadan’s program was one of the best I have experienced in North America. I really liked the focus on diversity by providing tangible elements that the community can experience. This includes the different Qira’at of the Quran, Kids and Adults quiz, 8 and 20 rak3at for taraweeh, young and adult prayer leaders, and variety of food for iftar as well 🙂 – August 2014