Said S. (Age: 44 – Rimouski QB)

Thank you for taking the time to make this wonderful project a reality, year in and year out. Sadly, we too often see political ideologies and content expressing opinions on current events seep into the content presented on the platforms of other Islamic influencers. While all content can find its appropriate niche on the Internet, the content that is provided in the 30-day Ramadan Challenge (for both youth and adults) is wonderfully Quran-focused and exceptionally on point for participants from all backgrounds. As a first-generation Canadian Muslim parent living in a multi-cultural, non-Muslim community, I can attest that the 30-day Ramadan Challenge is a wonderful Islamic supplemental educational tool that parents can comfortably enjoy with the entire family. It is so refreshing to be able to access and enjoy Islamic educational content without needing to “pre-screen” or pause the video during the viewing to provide children with “contextual explanations”. – April 2023

Bushra M. (Age: 38 – Markham ON)

Jazakallah khair for such a wonderful initiative. This is the first time I participated in the Ramadan Challenge and Mashallah!!! I totally enjoyed it. Wish I knew about it before. I have literally no words for Shiekh Newman .. My 8 yr old son has such a short attention span but the way the sheikh narrated the stories and kept the videos short, my son enjoyed it immensely too from start to finish and literally asked me each day if the video was up.. Lol. – April 2023

Ayira K. (Age: 14 – Surrey BC)

It was very fun and easy to do! I learned a lot from this challenge and particularly enjoyed the videos about the grammar breakdown, the involvement of numbers, and other things lost in translation. The challenge was a pleasure; it made me think deeply about the Qur’aan
(tadabbur) and taught me so much! May Allah help you keep doing what you do ❤ May Allah bless everyone else behind the scenes of this challenge! – April 2023

Malak A. (Age: 12 – Vancouver BC)

I loved this program. I benefited a lot, not only did I enjoy it, and being a knowledge lover I had to dive especially since if it was Islamic knowledge that I was gettin’. Sometimes didn’t get the question right but, I still learned an astronomical amount, I learned that all of Allah (SWT)’s words are calculated, and all the aftermath is done he weighs his words wisely and thoughtfully. Each letter counts. I also got a review about the prophet stories. Moreover, I got to teach my Muslim friends and my family. – April 2023

Noor C. (Age: 17 – Victoria BC)

As the years go on, the Ramadan Challenge continues to get better and better, and 2023 was no different! The daily videos narrated by Sh. Ihsaan Newman have visibly increased in quality this year, which makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. The professional editing of the videos is also at a higher standard than last year, and adds so much more to the experience. May Allah accept the efforts of the entire team working on the Ramadan Challenge, and may all of our rewards and Du’as be accepted this Ramadan, InShaAllah. – April 2023 (Voted #1)